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Turkish Democracy Foundation (TDV) was established on February 20, 1987 by a group of politicians, businesspeople, academicians and journalists as a non-profit non-governmental organization. Celebrating the 22nd anniversary of its foundation, TDV tries to help establish a stable democracy in which the character of humans gets freely developed within the boundaries of basic rights and freedoms. TDV’s goal is to help make democracy a way of culture and life style rather than merely a system. Accordingly, the TDV holds activities
to help develop free market economy,
to help develop democratic values and democratic institutions,
to contribute to the growth of democratic thoughts and ideals in Turkey and abroad and help make such thoughts and ideals a common ideal and life style for all humanityt.

Among the TDV’s general goals are:
conducting research on the past, present and future of Turkish democracy and support such researches,
making plans for education in democracy and support relevant projects and implement educational programs for elementary, junior, high schools and universities,
organizing seminars, symposiums, panel discussions, conferences and similar functions for promoting the education of the youth and adults in democracy,
publishing all kinds of books and periodicals relevant to the promotion of democracy.
making efforts so as to develop and protect democratic values in Turkey in order to facilitate healthy and stable democracy,
cooperating with identical institutions in and out of Turkey; implementing joint programs with Turkish and foreign foundations, associations, public and private institutions and universities,
organizing projects to develop citizenship and humanitarian values by paying high attention to democratic values, human rights and free market economy.

TDV has a branch in north-western province of Istanbul and a representation in western province of Izmir. TDV is a permanent member of the Citizenship Education Committee, National Committee for the Education on Human Rights, Human Rights Consultation Council and Ankara Human Rights Provincial Council, all operating under the auspices of the Turkish Ministry of National Education (MEB).
As of the first day of its foundation, TDV has facilitated discussions in pluralistic platforms on the most sensitive issues of Turkish political life. Democratic attitude and approach and pluralism make up the main principles of the TDV. All leaders and executives of the existing political parties in Turkey have participated in the functions and meetings of the TDV. Some of the issues that the TDV has paid close attention to were democracy, human rights, state based on law, citizenship, pluralistic democratic systems, election systems, electoral thresholds, representative system, presidential system, ethnic problems, organization and freedom of expression, laws on political parties, local administrations, small and medium-scale enterprises, political-social reforms, constitutional amendments, political ethics, and international relations.
TDV made efforts so that democracy in Turkey gets developed and individuals and masses embrace democratic values and human rights. As examples, the TDV played an important role for the amendment of articles 141 and 142 of the Turkish Penal Code that posed an obstacle for freedom of thought and belief, for the abolishment of death penalty, to end the ban on speaking the Kurdish language, for the freedom to get organized and in the formation of draft laws on democratic associations and foundations.
TDV has always encouraged the Turkish citizens for more democratization as of the first day of its establishment. The TDV is not alone any more after 22 years. TDV has provided leadership for dozens of foundations, associations and institutions in their establishment and helped shape the political and social life in Turkey. TDV has worked so as to develop the non-governmental sector in Turkey.
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